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Most of the businesses that suffer data loss due to an inadequate Data Recovery plan go out of business within few month. So don't be lazy, protect your data today!

With years of experience delivering business IT support in Melbourne, the team at It Techos know that protection of your businesses data is critical. A big part of our data protection and recovery services, our disaster recovery and backup solutions can offer you complete peace of mind.

Melbourne’s leading IT disaster recovery services

  • Reduce operating costs

    Improve operations and manageability of your backup, data availability, and clustering environment with tools that work the same across all platforms and provide management from a single console

  • Reduce hardware costs

    The hardware costs can be reduce through increased server and storage utilisation, reduplication, and storage tiering

  • Increase reliability

    Increase reliability with customer-proven, best-of-breed availability technologies

  • Critical data handling

    Ensure your mission-critical data and applications remain up and running.

Key Benefits :

  • Protection of all windows servers and workstations in a distributed IT environment.
  • Reduces administrator workload and back up costs.
  • Remote backup administration and automation.
  • Consolidated and easy-to-read alerts for failed cycles.
  • Universal restore for recoveries to dissimilar hardware or virtual machines.
  • Back up and Recovery strategies protect your email, systems and more.

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