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Backups – How and Why

Backups – How and Why


There are a number of responses to the question “When did you last do a backup?” These include “Oh, that reminds me, I must set that up” to “Haven’t done one in ages, better sort that out” right through to “I back up to dropbox/the cloud/the internet on a regular basis, it’s all under control”

The truth of the matter is that most business owners, large and small, don’t think much about a backup until their system fails. There are a number of issues to think about when assessing your back up procedures namely;

1. How often do you back data up, and to where?

2. If you back up to the cloud or internet, and have an interface between your PC/laptop and dropbox, what would you do if not only your pc but also your backup was infected? When was the last time you scanned your computer for Trojans, viruses, malware and ransomware? Are you 100% sure that your system is 100% clean and free of attacks or viruses of any kind? Are all staff aware of company policy in relation to viewing and opening email attachments?

3. Have you tested your backup protocols to make sure that in case of emergency the files can be restored as needed and are not corrupted? The time to test the efficiency of the restore process is not when your system has failed.

The best way to ensure your back up is as ready is:
a) Have the right protection on your computer to prevent attacks and hacking;
b) Run regular backups;
c) Test restore protocols;
d) Have a zip drive or other off site back up system that is taken off site each week.

Use the tips above to plan ahead, here’s hoping you never need to use them.

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