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Essential IT Hardware for Small Businesses

Essential IT Hardware for Small Businesses

As a small business owner, you’ve got a lot on your plate. Likely, you’re inundated with information on what hardware and software will make your life and your job that much easier, but what are the absolute essentials?

You want to make sure you’re getting the best value for your money, and you want to make sure your buys are focused on items that will go the distance. Value, utility, longevity – heck, you should even go for future-proof if it’s possible. The most important thing is that your needs are covered and that you are aware of what options are available to you. You’re known for making smart decisions – why should your IT buys be any different?

Here’s our rundown of vital IT hardware that you can’t do without if you’re doing business in 2016 and beyond:


No matter what business you are in, you will need computing power for your workforce. Think about how your business moves: is most of your work done in the office or is your team on the move? Even if your headquarters is purely for administrative purposes, you will require workstations so that your staff can complete these tasks. For the sake of security and efficiency, it is often best to allocate a unique workstation for each position.

Network Server

If you are running more than two computer workstations, you will likely want to secure a local area network. Operating your own servers adds a great deal of flexibility when it comes to securing your data. Security is only one concern when establishing a network, but it’s a significant one. When you operate within a closed network you are better able to control your perimeter, so to speak, ensuring all your files, your communications and your infrastructure is safe.

Network Attached Servers (NAS)

Perfect for small businesses who need a central place to store files for use across the entire network. Rather than having to access a specific computer to use a file, an app or your CRM database, your commonly shared and used items can live on your file server where they can be accessed by everybody on the team. An NAS is an affordable file-sharing and email server solution for the small business office that is just looking to run their day-to-day processes more efficiently. For businesses who need to process more data than an NAS can typically handle, you can scale up to a tower server with the appropriate capacity and CPU’s to suit your specific needs.

Application Servers
You might consider an application server if you are running application platforms such as Microsoft, Oracle or IBM. An application server gives you more flexibility in pushing upgrades to all of your users, and allows for more robust security and flexibility.

Wireless Routers and range extenders

A wireless router will keep all of your workstations and devices accessible to the network server as well as the internet. Wireless connectivity will also reduce the need to be hardwired into the network, allowing your workforce to connect their mobile devices or move about the space as they like.

Network Printers and Multi-Function Machines

Mobile Phones and Tablets

External Disc Drives

Communications equipment

Sound advice for all your small business IT hardware needs

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