• 'Flexible Business IT Support Services'
  • 'Managed IT Support Services with IT Techos is the smart way to keep things simple’.

IT Support Services And Help desk Services

Our IT support and help desk services cover everything small and mid-sized businesses need, from software and hardware support, to networking, internet and email services. On top of that, our help desk team pride themselves on being, well, helpful.

You can use our services when and as you need them – whether it’s over-the-phone, through a remote service, or on-site.

All IT support issues are tracked using a request system until resolved to your satisfaction.

icon Through this help desk, our services are:
  • Back-Up of your operating system and data and recovery if necessary

  • File, email, database, domain and backup servers,

  • Anti-Virus protection

  • Network maintenance for maximum efficiency

  • Printers, scanners and other computing equipment support.

  • Quarterly IT Strategy Meeting

  • IT procurement service
icon Why IT services for your business?
  • Reduce Costs

    Access enterprise-level technology housed within a tier 1 data centre, all controlled by virtualisation experts.

  • Improved Cost Management

    Fixed pricing options allow you to more effectively manage operational costs and maintain transparency.

  • Helpdesk Lifecycle Management

    IT service desk technicians are on-hand from answering the phone and dealing with simple problems.

  • Fulltime Coverage

    Support is available whenever you need it.

icon Why Us?
  • Australian owned and operated
  • Service Level Agreement Quality Guarantee
  • Custom solutions tailored to YOUR business
  • Remote Management and Monitoring help us proactively safeguard your systems and infrastructure .
  • Monthly reports

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